The friendly, rainy city

If Dublin is familiar with rain and gusty winds, it is because it has a granite temperament! All the better to wrap a rainbow around you like a scarf in its favourite ‘joie de vivre’ colours.

This poet of bad weather did indeed have a stormy youth. However, it has been many a storm since Dubh Linn has been the 'black pond' of its Gaelic etymology. Its bay, from the air, is like a dark blue eye. But Dublin has colour in its soul: the waves of green that sweep over St. Patrick's Day. And if Dublin were a beer, it would be as clever as a Jack-O'-Lantern which finds its colour even as it changes…

In Dublin, life is gusty and windy, where the best stories worth their salt are tirelessly recounted... Derby on Sunday by the winter light, greyhound racing at the weekends, putting the world to rights over a pint in the pubs, fish and chips in a bag burning your fingers: so many ways to have a good time in good company.

When you are outside in Dublin, the best comfort comes from your friendly neighbour. When they go out, the “Dubliners”, to use the title of the James Joyce novel, carry in their soul a little warmth and comfort. They draw this special warmth from the fireplaces in their velvet parlours. And they will offer it to you with the disarming kindness that is so typical of them!

For though the beer tankards hanging from the ceiling might seem destined for the giants that populate Irish folklore, in Dublin, everyone is welcome at the bar, if they can tell a story. As for Dublin's neighbourhoods, they revolve around three centres - the pub, the church, and the stadium - just like the three-leafed Irish shamrock.

It's cold outside, but warm yourself in a crowd with a good laugh, enjoying a beer in the cosy glow of the fireplace: the Dublin routine awaits you!

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